We help build a better future by investing in green energy and land regeneration

The future of the planet depends on all of us making better choices and delivering economic prosperity in an environmentally sustainable way. Solgreen, and its finance partners, support projects that regenerate previously disturbed land and renewable energy projects.

Meet Solgreen, your sustainable business partner

Solgreen is an established partner in the renewable energy market space. Since 2014, we have worked with project owners and financiers to deliver renewable energy projects, land regeneration opportunities and other financing for qualified projects.

Solgreen is your development partner to bring projects from an idea to reality. Often we are the drive behind the project inception and development, sometimes we contribute to what is already there. Always we deliver vision, expertise and value. With more than $2bn in accessible funds from our finance partner, Solgreen is actively working on development projects in 4 countries.

Founder and CEO, Rich Boyd

"Delivering some of the most innovative and groundbreaking projects in solar and land regeneration has been an epic journey so far. We are very pleased to have the trust of our funding partners and clients as we continue to development of projects that make a real difference, in people’s lives, to the environment and to the economic prosperity of our funding partners and clients."

Our projects

SolGreen is working on investment opportunities and projects across three continents with multiple partners. To learn more please contact us. We are always interested in evaluating other opportunities that match our criteria. If you have a project that helps combat climate change, and want to discuss a collaboration with Solgreen, please let us know!


Northern Turkey


North Africa

Golden Hay


Green levels



Monmouthshire, UK


Northamptonshire, UK



What our clients and partners say

"Rich shows great business acumen and tenacity in making sure everyone gets what they need out of the projects we are working on. Clients, landowners and yes, investors. It is a pleasure to work with him."

Frank Dekker

“Without Rich, we would not have been able to realize our solar project”


"Richard and his team have an in depth understanding of what it takes to get projects built. Solgreen work with to ensure expectations are set correctly so that delivery is in line with build times. We feel part of a team rather than just a supplier”

AJ - Supply Partner

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